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NFL Draft Countdown: Packers by position

Today: Defensive line. Next: Offensive line.<p> Who is looking for defensive line talent in this weekend's draft? An easier question is who isn't hungry to shore up this position. Only a handful of teams are likely to overlook defensive linemen, and a dozen out of this deep talent pool could go in the first round.<P> While drafting a defensive lineman is not the Packers' top priority, they aren't among the lucky few considered already deep enough on D.<P>

The defensive lineman draft pool is perhaps the deepest in the draft. The list of talent almost matches the list of demand – but not quite. Here's a look at the top defensive lineman in the draft, and who might be still on the board when the Packers' name is called. The real riches are at defensive tackle, according to most draft pundits as well as the Packers' own Director of College Scouting... Recommended Stories

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