Packers Expect Officials To Ease Up on Flags

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Flags have been flying this NFL preseason. The Packers have done their part. But will the league’s emphasis on limiting certain one-on-one contact last? “They’re doing this just to scare us,” said cornerback Davon House. And it’s gotten so bad that Jordy Nelson on Tuesday actually sounded like he’s sticking up for the defense.

A whopping 30 penalties (22 accepted) were called last Saturday in the Green Bay Packers-St. Louis Rams preseason game. As was spelled out by a visiting NFL officiating crew earlier this Packers training camp, there is an emphasis being placed in the preseason on one-on-one contact between combatants and what may or may not be acceptable. General manager Ted Thompson called it a “point of interest” during a Tuesday press conference at Lambeau Field. “The league has deemed it appropriate to try and cut back on some of the contact on the outside,” he said. Through two preseason games, the Packers have taken notice. They rank among the top 10 in the league in defensive holding penalties and also have incurred two defensive pass interference and two illegal use of hands calls. Last year in four preseason games, they had just two defensive holding penalties, one defensive pass interference and one illegal use of hands. “I think on one of the plays the referee said to me, ‘Get your hands...