Sherman Sez

Sherman Sez

Here's what Packers head coach/GM Mike Sherman had to say about his team's big victory over the NFC West champion 49ers at San Francisco Stadium Sunday:<p>

On the defensive stand on 4th down to lock up the game: "We played a quarters defense, with four deep, which is what we played the last time he (Terrell Owens) beat us at the end of the game, actually. Played it a little bit better this time."

On Holliday's interception, and Diggs return: "That was a key play of the game obviously because we were able to convert that into points. When you're able to do that, that's significant."

On Holliday's lateral pitch: "We don't practice it and we shouldn't do it, so I will take care of that."

On zero turnovers: "Not to turn the ball over on the road against this team and this defense, which they are so multiple and they give you so many problems, (was key). They give you a different look on every single play, so that was huge not turning the ball over against them."

On J.J. Moses mis-fielding punt: "It was really our fault. I think we can do a better job. The punter boomed the first one and the second one didn't kick it quite as well, so where do you put him? We probably had him up a bit too tight and he boomed that one so I look at that as us learning. We maybe put him up to close and probably need to back him up a little bit. But I thought he did fine (as a whole)." Recommended Stories

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