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No Excuses: Key Year For Colledge

G Daryn Colledge (Jonathan Daniel/Getty)

Coordinator Joe Philbin said the guard-to-tackle shuffling is "not a valid reason" for left guard Daryn Colledge's disappointing 2009 season. Colledge worked overtime this offseason to get into the best shape of his life. "Aaron Rodgers deserves it," he said.

I could be like a meteorologist or the analysts on ESPN. No matter how many bad forecasts are cranked out or how many times the "experts" are wrong, a new day means it's time to crank out more of the same baloney. What about that garbage spewed the other day? Never a mention of it. I mention this because on May 10, I wrote that Daryn Colledge finally has a chance to fulfill his potential... Recommended Stories

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